Recycling Your Cartridges

In the United States, consumers throw away at least 8 ink cartridges each second. 

That is a sobering fact. That waste translates to more than 300 MILLION ink cartridges added to our landfills every single year. 

Recycling your ink and toner cartridges has never been easier, or more affordable, yet less than 30% of cartridges are currently being recycled as of 2022.

Green Imaging Solutions is committed to breaking the cycle of waste by making it even easier to recycle your used ink & toner cartridges. At GIS, we are able to leverage more than a decade of experience in the print technology industry to create a simple, economical, and quick method for our customers to recycle their used cartridges and do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Recycling your used cartridges is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Remove the pre-paid shipping label included inside your new toner or ink cartridge box.
  2. Carefully re-pack your used cartridges into the same box your new cartridges arrived in.
  3. Apply the pre-paid shipping label to the outside of the box, and ship it back to our processing center where your cartridges will be safely recycled or remanufactured.


You are all done! Thanks for doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint and help us to protect the environment. 

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*Source: EPA